The Wool Shack Bricks and Mortar Shop is opening again!

 from Monday 15th June for on-the-door-step shopping in a COVID-SAFE environment. All goods can be seen from the door and if you can’t see it, I’ll bring it to you to have a proper look!

No coming into the shop and no squishing just yet I’m sorry.

You will be able to buy patterns and habby, I can help you decide and show you what’s on offer, but to ensure all customers have a chance to look and buy, it’s a maximum of 5-10 minutes on the door step, so please come with a clear plan if you can!!

Initially opening times will be 10am until 3pm Monday to Friday as I am still doing local deliveries and posting out for those who cannot get to the shop.

I look forward to welcoming you back!! Thank you, Karen 

Please also see The Wool Shack Facebook Page for Updates


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