These fabulous felted boots or 'house shoes' are knitted, then felted in the washing machine, shaped, dried and the non felted cuff is attached at the end of the process. They really are fabulous! 

You will need 7/8mm single and double pointed needles to make this project. These can be purchased seperately, contact us for details if you need the needles.

The kits include:

Toddler (Foot length 13cm) 1 ball filzwolle Uni, 1 ball of Aran, pattern

Child (Foot length 19cm) 2 balls filzwolle Uni, 1 ball of Aran, pattern

Woman (Shoe size 5-6) 3 balls filzwolle Uni, 1 ball of Aran, pattern

Please note the patterened aran yarn is only available in teal mix and brown mix, you can choose a solid aran colour to go with your colour choice if you prefer. If you have a preference for a particular coloured yarn for the cuff please state this when you order.

Fabulous Felted House Shoes